I’m Jody, owner of Six Stars Creations. Mom to 6 beautiful children, 4 girls aged 11, 7, 5 and 3 years and 2 boys aged 8 years and youngest is 6 weeks (at time of writing this August 2023). Our previous business Beau Bows started in 2018, literally out of a box of fabrics on our dining room table. That business grew and grew. In June 2022 Beau Bows won not 1 but 2 small business awards! We was so incredibly proud. We won a prestigious W.O.W award chosen by the truly inspirational Jacqueline Gold CBE. We were saddened to hear of the passing of Jacqueline Gold in March 2023. She courageously battled stage 4 breast cancer for 7 years, during that time she empowered, inspired and championed female entrepreneurs and small business owners across the globe. It makes me even more proud to know that this amazing woman loved and believed in the female empowerment at the heart of our business. 

In August 2023 we welcomed our 6th baby into the world. Whilst on maternity leave we had a good think about the direction our business was going. Now don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love making hair accessories but we wanted to expand our personalised gifts range. We decided to take a huge step and completely rebrand and rename our business. I was wracking my brains for weeks trying to think of a meaningful business name for our new business. I had so many name ideas but non of them really stood out. Then one night whilst I was awake feeding the baby it suddenly popped into my head, “Six Stars Creations”. The number six symbolises my six children, ‘stars’ represent my love for all things astronomy and ‘creations’ - well that’s because I create pretty handmade gifts. That’s how Six Stars Creations was born. 

Whilst we still make pretty hair accessories, our hair accessory range is going to be a lot smaller and our personalised gifts, fashion and homeware range is going to be HUGE. We are so excited you have decided to join us on our new exciting journey. 

Jody x



As a mother to 6 children, I know just how important it is to plan for their future & for us to do our bit as a family to be more eco friendly & to help protect the beautiful world we live in.

Which is why I’m so PROUD to announce that with every single order you place with us on our website, we plant a tree in our very own company forest....pretty awesome eh?! 🌳💕🌍 Since 2022 we have planted 590 trees!

 And we haven't just stopped there….ALL of our packaging, from our parcel boxes & bags, parcel tape to our tissue paper, is now fully recyclable & eco friendly. 

So when you receive those pretty orders you will know that YOU HAVE HELPED reduce your carbon footprint and helped provide a more sustainable future for YOUR CHILDREN & their childrens children & so on.